Women’s T20 Asia Cup Updates: Sri Lankan Bowlers made the Win Possible

It was a nerve-wracking game indeed, and both the teams Bangladesh and Sri Lanka gave in their best.

But at the end, it was the Sri Lankan Bowlers that stood out from everyone. Khadija Tul Kubra took 3 wickets of the Sri Lanka players, but that didn’t stop the team from winning the match. Read more for more insight into the match.

Sri Lankan Bowlers made the Win Possible

Disciplined bowling tactics are what led Sri Lanka to win against the strong team like Bangladesh.

Sugandika Kumari

The Women’s T20 Asia Cup started off with Sri Lanka facing Bangladesh that was held at Royal Selangor Club in Kuala Lumper on 3rd June, Sunday.

Sri Lankan bowlers smashed Bangladesh team, and it was an all-out condition at just 63 runs made by the latter team. As the Bangladesh team entered the field to bat, their first wicket fell in the 2nd ball itself. Prabodhani from the Sri Lanka pacer took the wicket of Shamima Sultana and just made them lose hope on winning the match.

Then, Fargana Hoque came to the crease before Rumana Ahmed and Ayasha Rahman made the entry to the field. After 2 wickets of Sri Lanka were down, there was no looking back for Sri Lankan bowlers. They got into an energy, and the wickets started falling at a faster rate.

The previous Bangladesh score of 35/2 was changed to 37/5 in just a few minutes.

Sri Lankan Bowlers who outshone the match were:

  • Sugandika Kumari (3/17)
  • Udeshika Prabodhani (2/6)
  • Oshadi Ranasinghe (2/10), and
  • Inoka Ranaweera (2/15)

These were the players that stood out in the match, and the people who deserved all the credits.

While the Sri Lankan openers Nipuni Hansika and Yasoda Mendis gave a good performance. All was going well until Khadija Tul Kubra from Bangladesh bowled out Mendis at 20!

That were the match statistics, and I hope you had a fun reading. Did you watch the match? Let us know your comments on it, and follow our page for more feed.

Croatia Water Polo is through to the Europa Cup Final to be held at Rijeka

Both the countries Croatia and Serbia were parts of Yugoslavia, but now they are separated and divided by a long 241-km border. The rivalry was clearly up for the Water Pool Football match which was held at Rijeka. The match resulted with Croatia winning the game, and getting into the Europa Cup Final! Keep reading the article, if you want to know the match statistics in detail.

Croatia Water Polo is through to the Europa Cup Final!

The duals were together in the same group for the first, and the match resulted with Croatia beating Serbia with a score of 8:7, during the match conducted at the Kantrida Swimming Pool in Rijeka.

In the first half of the Water Polo Europa Cup Final, Serbia made a nice debut by scoring 3 points and Croatia didn’t score much here. But they woke up in the next half, making an entry of 3 points in the third quarter of the game. Whereas in the last quarter, Croatia kicked up Serbia with a score of 4-2. Thus making the total of 8 points, with Croatia: Serbia score as 8:7!

Water Polo

The best performance was put up by Loren Fatović, who gave in the best for his team Croatia. He was the main reason for Croatia scoring up the 3 points in the lead to Serbia in the third quarter. Whereas, Filip Filipović was the highest scorer player from Serbia’s team.

Now, the final is scheduled for Sunday with Croatia facing off with Spain, whereas Serbia will play the quarter-final with Italy. Both the matches are going to be held on the same day.

After the game, the Serbian camp representatives appreciated the Croatia win, though some of them had certain objections against the Rijeka judges of the match.

On asking about the match, Serbian coach Savić said that everyone present at the ground enjoyed watching the game. Those who don’t know the game also loved watching the boys play. He agreed that in between the Serbia team lost the focus, whilst Croatia kept on making quick goals.

Amidst the game, there were certain security issues that happened during the game. But the quality security arrangements ensured that harmony and discipline are maintained among the supporters. Howling and teasing, making fun of the other team was reported.

A game is all about concentration, planning, and teamwork. It indeed worked for Croatia, and we would like to wish good wishes to both the team for their upcoming matches!


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