A Tribal School in India, Teaching Kids Life Skills and Importance of Sports

Childhood days are worth living, isn’t it? The time we just got introduced to life experiences, and this is the same time when the main foundation of our mind and health is in process. No doubt, we all still a work in progress.

However, things are different for the children studying at the Riverside Natural School, an initiative started by the Mrida Educational and Welfare Society. The MEWS founder, Priya Nadkarni realized that imparting the vocational skills won’t necessarily develop the confidence in school kids. She knew the way out, and yes, it was to train the kids right from their childhood days.

Priya Nadkarni Riverside School

Priya Nadkarni Changing the Way of Teaching Through Sports!

Priya, along with Digvijay Singh started off the Riverside Natural School; Riverside is for the Narmada River that flows nearby to the school. Both of them currently live and work in the Mohgaon region of the remote tribal region in the district of Mandla, in Madhya Pradesh.

The program was initiated in the year 2016, and now it has a total of more than 150 children out of which 30% of the students are getting a free education while others are paying a subsidized fee amount.

This Riverside Natural School is a totally different concept, and entirely unique from any conventional school. It won’t be a surprising thing if you find a 4th or 5th grader develop a vacuum cleaner, or if you find them writing scratch programming or learning robotics.

The main success of the school came from its special focus on sports, and it’s value on one’s life. This value is instilled from an early age so that kids keep the practice throughout their lifetime.

Soon, the Riverside students were given football training under the guidance of primary coaches. However, later the school realized that the kids needed some more competitive exposure, and also that only regular practice would help the players in the long run. Considering how much sport is important for students, a new team of players called the Riverside League was born.

With the help of the leagues, kids were now able to get the right gears and gaming logistics for better performance and training.

Another significant thing that I found is almost 75 players are taken by girls, out of the 200+ strength. Indeed, in a short span of time, Riverside League has turned the whole gaming and education culture in Madhya Pradesh!

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