Sports and Nutrition – How much are these two connected with each other?

Looking at the current health scenarios and work culture – skipping meals have become almost common for all. People skip breakfast meals and have brunch instead that falls between the breakfast and lunch time. This later postpones your lunch time, and you may or may not have your dinner.

Which, simply ruins your body clock, and may also affect the internal functioning too.

Fuel up your day, with the perfect blend of Nutrients!

That’s why maintaining a proper meal time and a nutrition check is necessary.

Sports and Nutrition

Now, if you are an athlete, the right nutrition is the main priority. So, what are the things to note here?

1. Things that you may have for charging up your body for exercise

If you got 4-5 hours prior to the exercise then you can have a large meal, whereas for 2-3 hours gap a mini-meal is what I would suggest. You can include fruits, bread, lean meat, cheese, yogurt, granola, cereal with milk, baked potato, etc. On the drink side, you can have water, fresh fruit or any vegetable juice.

2. Post-workout meals and nutrition check

After an intense workout, you may or may not feel hungry. But it is recommended to have a protein-rich, carbohydrate meal just after your workout. Your body has to replace the glycogens in the muscles within the first few hours after the exercise. For better sports and nutrition balance, try to have a small or a large meal filled with carbs and proteins.

4. Fluid or Water Intake during the play or exercise

It’s important to feel energetic and active both before and after the workout. For that, your body needs to be well-hydrated all the time. Also to mention, don’t wait till you feel thirsty as it is the first sign of dehydration. Depending on your weight, the intensity of the workout – people consume different amounts of water.

5. Are energy bars recommended?

Energy bars are one form of carb or protein-rich supplement that you can easily carry around in your bag. They are good and healthy, but there are certain energy bars which are high on sugar level that does nothing good to your body. Check the ingredients, how much healthy are they – before you have it.

That was my take on how we can keep the body nutrients in check during those workout days. Hope you enjoyed reading.

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